September 30th, 2010

a few more showcase

Been busy lately illustrating for bloggers. It always amazes me how sweet people are in “blog-land” -sometimes I almost forget that it’s my job.

One of my returning clients, is Celine of Strawberryflavor . It’s always a pleasure working for her. Her designs are so colorful and happy, that getting new ideas is a breeze. She just started designing kids clothes again, which I’m sure many of her old customers are very excited about. Anyway she needed a new header, and a folder/tag to go with her dresses when when they are sent to the store.
Another colorful illustration job this week, actually last week, were for Christina at Rappedikke. She also designs clothing, but her designs are mostly for adults, there is some pretty yummy skirts in her shop.

And the rest of my time, have been spent, dancing, running and cooking. Bought a hula hoop ring, and started to learn dancing with those things, so much fun. Especially after the brushes went away, when you start out hoop dancing, remember not to play for 1½h the first time, and if that fails, remember to have plenty of ice in the freezer, you’ll need it. But it’s a great workout, as long a you remember to take a break, and change direction of the hoop swirling.

Kitchen activities: it’s pumpkin season, so I made roasted pumpkin, pumpkin soup, pumpkin rolls, pumpkin/veggie pie, and I still have lots of pumpkin in my freezer, waiting for a good recipe for pumpkin ravioli. It’s also Apple season, so Apple sauce, Apple butter and a lot of other apple related eatable projects are on there way.

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