November 8th, 2010

Winter beauty

winter beauty
It’s freezing cold outside, winter is definitely on it’s way. Strange because yesterday I sat in the garden, having a cup of coffee enjoying the afternoon sun, and thinking about how it almost felt like early spring. But this morning shattered my spring dreaming.
Now I’m dreaming of a white Christmas instead, all though I’m not really ready for Christmas just yet. I know the shops are ready, the shelves are already brimming with Christmas decorations, cookies, and candy, but that’s just to early for. I usually only get into the spirit around mid December, but maybe this year it will catch on a little faster.
I just stumbled upon a shop with the most amazing baking accessories. And I’m sure some new cookies cutters will find their way to my kitchen for this years gingerbread production. Baking cookies filled with ginger and cinnamon usually brings out the Christmas in me.

winter beauty

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