Sunday morning at the beach

Spend Sunday morning at the beach, running, jumping and rolling.


Did an Illustration of a girl painting – remembered to take photos as the illustration progressed.

Finished Illustration:

Painting 3, originally uploaded by MetteE♥.

Base color:
Painting 2

Pencil sketch:
Painting 1


Junk-A-Doodles, originally uploaded by MetteE♥.

Spend Saturday morning making art with the kids. Gabriel did a Captain Hook, Sidsel and her friend did a sun, and Rumle & I made a flying dog….I think that’s what it is anyway.
I am amazed who great it turned out, my kids really did surprise me…Gabriel took one look at the broken hanger and said “I am going to make Captain Hook”…and he did.

And the little artists:
Junk-A-Doodle Artists

wellness week Day 4 – Shimmering

wellness week, originally uploaded by MetteE♥.

Belly dancing a great way to start your day

Art on the beach

I used stones, driftwood and dead body parts, so this time the wind couldn’t destroy my artwork…

Hello World – Here I am

Hello World – Here I am, originally uploaded by MetteE♥.

The Jester

A painting for my son Gabriel.

The Jester part 4 -finished, originally uploaded by MetteE♥.


The Jester part 1

Base color:

The Jester part 2

Base color finished:

The Jester part 3

Needle felting Saturday

LoveBunnies, originally uploaded by MetteE♥.

Been needle felting like crazy the last couple of days. It is so much fun and relaxing and fairly easy, only drawback is I keep stabbing my fingers.

So far I made a couple of lovebunnies, lovebugs, a house, a tree and a ring for my daughter. What a lovely way to spend a Saturday.


HeyLittleGirl, originally uploaded by MetteE♥.

I began this drawing last night, but didn’t finish, before this morning. I’m still experimenting with my drawing style, and creating and tweaking the brushes in PhotoShop to get the “perfect” tool. I do feel more confident with both my new style and my brushes, but I think that drawing is an ongoing adventure.

…and now its time to a cup of coffee.

Love bird ?

Bird, originally uploaded by MetteE♥.

Todays warm up sketch and still testing photo-shop. Can’t figure why that program doesn’t work anymore, just upgraded and grrrrr. I refuse to leave Windows 7 – for the first time in my life I’m not annoyed with windows. Besides PhotoShop worked fine with Windows 7 during the fall, so why it stopped is beyond me ….

Maybe I should switch to Painter instead….

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