Colorfull days




So much you can do in a garden. I adore my kids, and I’m thankful for their creative abilities, but sometimes it takes s little effort to truly appreciate the ideas they come up with.

a day in the garden…

Watching the garden change from winter to early summer, as everything turns green and sprouting is awesome. Especially when you found time and energy to start your vegetable garden. Waiting and watching for the seeds to turn into plants and hopefully turn into something eatable for the family and not just the snails is exciting…or at least I think so. It looks like all my seeds turned into seedlings, and I still have a lot of seedlings in the sun-room waiting to grow into a size fit for being planted outside.
The kids are enjoying the sun, and being able to play outside without snowsuits and boots, and I’m enjoying the freedom of not having to dress 3 kids before letting them outside.

The house, and two thirds of the kids living there

The house, and two thirds of the kids living there


Enjoying spring

I’m still here, even tho it might not seem that way. I have been busy since late December with various projects and other stuff. One of the projects is a brand new website, for my illustration business – It’s still not completely done, but it will be very soon. For the moment I’m working on some stock illustrations, here is a small preview of those:

I’m also working on a children’s picture book; It’s about a cat and a mouse, living together in a old lighthouse. The story inspired me to try out some new texturing techniques while working on cat sketches.miau

And other than that, It’s spring and therefore time for gardening. I had my best friend staying with me during March and most of April, and besides cooking me the most wonderful meals, he also gave me back my veggie garden, which was in a hopeless state of decay before he came. Today the veggie garden is filled with seeds, and sprouts, and no weeds. I already planted three types of lettuce, turnips, cilantro, dill, basil, chives, parsley, eggplant, tomatillos, 3 types of chili, 4 types of bell peppers, yellow and green summer squash, and a lot of summer flowers. Most of it is still inside in the sun room waiting for the sun and warmth to take over – but the rhubarbs are huge already, and there is flowers in some of the strawberries.Veggie garden

Well time to go and spend time with the kiddies
– Enjoy Spring

me and the kiddies

Updating the blog all together

I’ve been meaning to upgrade my blog for a long time, but have been postponing it out of fear that I would run in to Mr. Murphy, for now it looks like this old blog is still working, and will continue to do so until I’m ready with the new one….but you never know

I think I lost something

jan05_10_art-journal2, originally uploaded by MetteE♥.

All day I have had this feeling of something were missing. I couldn’t put a finger on what it was, and I still can’t. But I have this nagging feeling that I lost something important over night.

Being Me – is colorful


Finally found time and inspiration for a new header for the blog. After a few frustrated unfruitful hours I started to look through my “bits and pieces” folder, and there I found lots of useful stuff.

So I through them together, doodled a bit around them, added a little star dust and a few sparkles and voila – a new header was made.

And I like I, and even more so since I had almost given up on making one today.

Looking for a sticky

Somebody mentioned that it is possible to make a post a sticky – but how ?
oh well not that important really

The design is almost there

Yesterday was one of those days where it seemed that every single drop of creativity had dried up. After hours of mindless doodling I suddenly decided to give my blog a try. I like word press obviously, but for some reason I can never get wp to be exactly the way I want it. But yesterday I sat down, made a list of what I wanted, and then I slowly began digging in. And it just clicked – There are still a few things that aren’t quit what I want, but they are minor compared to all the things I got right.

New beginnings….again

Something went wrong last night when I updated wordpress, and I had to reinstall from scratch. In my annoyed state of mind I remembered to make a backup, but somehow it slipped my mind to make a backup of the content folder so all the images were lost. Obviously they are all somewhere on my hard drive but I haven’t had the time to dig them out again – maybe sometime later

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