Enjoying spring

I’m still here, even tho it might not seem that way. I have been busy since late December with various projects and other stuff. One of the projects is a brand new website, for my illustration business – It’s still not completely done, but it will be very soon. For the moment I’m working on some stock illustrations, here is a small preview of those:

I’m also working on a children’s picture book; It’s about a cat and a mouse, living together in a old lighthouse. The story inspired me to try out some new texturing techniques while working on cat sketches.miau

And other than that, It’s spring and therefore time for gardening. I had my best friend staying with me during March and most of April, and besides cooking me the most wonderful meals, he also gave me back my veggie garden, which was in a hopeless state of decay before he came. Today the veggie garden is filled with seeds, and sprouts, and no weeds. I already planted three types of lettuce, turnips, cilantro, dill, basil, chives, parsley, eggplant, tomatillos, 3 types of chili, 4 types of bell peppers, yellow and green summer squash, and a lot of summer flowers. Most of it is still inside in the sun room waiting for the sun and warmth to take over – but the rhubarbs are huge already, and there is flowers in some of the strawberries.Veggie garden

Well time to go and spend time with the kiddies
– Enjoy Spring

me and the kiddies

Ho ho ho Twitter

and more holiday spirit


Christmas spirit

This year the Christmas spirit came sneaking in on me much earlier than usual – I think i’ts due to all the snow we got outside. Whatever the reason, I felt inspired to do some Holiday inspired artwork this weekend.

Ho ho ho

Christmas 2010

Birthdays and Bread

November has been a busy month. It seems that everyone I know were born in November. My two boys turned 3 and 5, with 4 days apart, so we have been drowning in birthday parties, and homemade birthdays cakes, buns, and other goodies. And on top of that this is the season for coughing, sneezing and staying home from School and kindergarten, so we have been watching a lot of cartoons. The boys have been on a Toy Story spree, and their biggest wish for their birthday was to get  Buzzlightyear and Woody  dolls. They did get them, and they have been playing with them ever since.

I did get to do some work this months, a lot of which I can’t show just yet, but one  illustration that I can show, is a Blog design I did for June for her new blog: VanFlittig. vanFlittigNovember was also a lot about getting my sourdough right, and I think I finally got it this time. 2 weeks ago, I succeeded getting the right crust, but unfortunately the dough collapsed when moved to the baking tray, so the crumb wasn’t perfect, but the taste was good. I ended up buying some Proving baskets, but haven’t had the time before yesterday to try them. So yesterday while making dinner, I also started a Sour Rye onion bread, and it turned out perfect when baked this morning. I’ve already made a new dough, for tomorrows bread, hoping it will turn out as nicely as todays bread.

And then winter hit us, we are covered in snow, everything is white and just magical. The boys stayed home yesterday, and after lunch we went outside to make a snowman.


Groovy babies and mamas

GroovyBaby...and Mama

Finished a new Blog design for a danish blogger. This time for the creative and very sweet Trine at Groovybaby…and mama She has a shop so if you’re into the groovy 70es you should stop by her space.

I’ve been working on some other illustrations as well, but showcasing them will have to wait until approved by the client.

Haven’t had much time this week for anything else besides drawing. I did try a couple of new bread recipes or actually it was more about trying out new kneading methods.
I also experimented with different coatings. One really delicious coating I came up with for a wholegrain rye/spelt sourdough bread, was finely chopped hazelnuts, rolled oats, cardamom and Cinnamon. First I rolled the breads in a mixture of milk and lightly beaten eggs, and then the nut, oat, spice mixture. Pressing the coating mixture firmly into the bread all over. I don’t think I have ever gotten the coating to stick as well as I did this time. Baking the bread gave the hazelnuts a nice subtle chocolate flavor, making the bread excellent with homemade lemon jam.

an ADHD brain illustrated

A while back I did an illustration for a very sweet Danish blogger, Anne at Onkel Anne. She blogs about life and ADHD. She is a very colorful girl, with lots of energy and ideas. So we figured a brain brimming with colors and ideas would be a good choice for her Blog’s new header. My first idea had mushrooms, and lilies, probably inspired by the autumn weather outside my windows. But Anne is especially fond of tulips and butterflies, so we ended up with a illustration with those instead.

You can see both version below.

Scary monsters and kid brothers.

Last week I thought I would give my watercolors a try, and was trying to figure out, what to draw. It was Saturday morning, the kids were playing in their room, when all of a sudden my daughter comes running screaming out of the room, her two brothers chasing after her. The boys were pretending to be monsters, and were eating all kinds of gross things. In reality they were eating fruit, but with a little help from their imagination those fruit pieces turned into slugs and other slimy creepy crawly things…..and from the sound of my daughter she didn’t seem to appreciate it.
And then I knew what I wanted to draw…

Tweet Tweet Twitter Bird

Made a new Twitter icon for my blog – Say Hello to the little birdie, and do follow us.
Follow me on Twitter

Updating the blog

I’m working on some small changes on the blog, first project was to fix the Subscribe feature, which for some reason, hasn’t been working properly for a while. It should be fixed now, and in celebration,  I made a small illustration to go with my new and much improved “Subscribe to my blog”  feature.

Feel free to hit that button.


a few more showcase

Been busy lately illustrating for bloggers. It always amazes me how sweet people are in “blog-land” -sometimes I almost forget that it’s my job.

One of my returning clients, is Celine of Strawberryflavor . It’s always a pleasure working for her. Her designs are so colorful and happy, that getting new ideas is a breeze. She just started designing kids clothes again, which I’m sure many of her old customers are very excited about. Anyway she needed a new header, and a folder/tag to go with her dresses when when they are sent to the store.
Another colorful illustration job this week, actually last week, were for Christina at Rappedikke. She also designs clothing, but her designs are mostly for adults, there is some pretty yummy skirts in her shop.

And the rest of my time, have been spent, dancing, running and cooking. Bought a hula hoop ring, and started to learn dancing with those things, so much fun. Especially after the brushes went away, when you start out hoop dancing, remember not to play for 1½h the first time, and if that fails, remember to have plenty of ice in the freezer, you’ll need it. But it’s a great workout, as long a you remember to take a break, and change direction of the hoop swirling.

Kitchen activities: it’s pumpkin season, so I made roasted pumpkin, pumpkin soup, pumpkin rolls, pumpkin/veggie pie, and I still have lots of pumpkin in my freezer, waiting for a good recipe for pumpkin ravioli. It’s also Apple season, so Apple sauce, Apple butter and a lot of other apple related eatable projects are on there way.

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