November 7th, 2010

Cluttering up my kitchen

This morning I decided to reorganize my kitchen.
I spend so many hours in there, that I thought it would be nice to have my “tools” where I need them, rather than neatly tucked away in cabinets and drawers. Normally I’m all for decluttering, but this time I actually did the opposite.

I have this huge old dining table in the middle of the room, which serves as the main work area. And since it is really huge, I decided that I could use some of that space for the tools I use on a regular basis. It may sound as a poor decision, but in reality I don’t use that many different tools, so it really wasn’t that much space I needed. I thought about it and ended up with a couple of wooden spoons, my favorite knifes, a bundle of measuring spoons​​​​​​​​​, a scissor, a small strainer, a mortar and pestle, 2 different peelers, a can opener and a few more items.

No more running around opening cabinets with fingers smudged in tomato sauce, trying to get that one bowl out without getting tomato sauce on everything.

In order to try my new setup, I made a sourdough bread from rye and wholegrain spelt, tried my hands on some Almond milk, which is going to be in my morning smoothie tomorrow, and finally for dinner, spiced mashed potatoes with celeriac and pickled beetroot.

And I’m happy to report that my new cluttered kitchen works perfectly.


November 2nd, 2010


Halloween is not normally celebrated in Denmark, but since most our kids watches a lot of US produced cartoons that holiday kind of sneaks up on us.  So in order to please our  kids (and moms, but don’t tell), a couple of moms in my neighborhood had arranged for the kids to go trick ‘r treating on Sunday. We had a blast making decorations, trick ‘r treat bags, and dressing up. The kids were so excited, and almost couldn’t wait for it to be time to grab those bags and go scare the neighborhood. After the bags had been filled with candy, we all got together at a friends house and had coffee, hot chocolate, buns and fruit. The kids played while the moms chatted – a huge success for all of us.

My trick 'r treat crew

October 30th, 2010

Updating the blog all together

I’ve been meaning to upgrade my blog for a long time, but have been postponing it out of fear that I would run in to Mr. Murphy, for now it looks like this old blog is still working, and will continue to do so until I’m ready with the new one….but you never know

October 30th, 2010

Doing nothing


After a very long week with sick kids, I’m enjoying doing almost nothing at all today. Started the day shopping for Halloween costumes for the kidlets, and I now have the cutest pumpkin, a blood dripping Dracula, and a scary black ghost running through my house …pictures will follow later.
Since the kids were home sick most of the week I’m behind on almost eveything, but since I’m also drained I’m allowing myself to just be lazy today, reading, updating my phone, and now I’m off to the kitchen for a pumpkin pie spiced latte.

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October 26th, 2010

an ADHD brain illustrated

A while back I did an illustration for a very sweet Danish blogger, Anne at Onkel Anne. She blogs about life and ADHD. She is a very colorful girl, with lots of energy and ideas. So we figured a brain brimming with colors and ideas would be a good choice for her Blog’s new header. My first idea had mushrooms, and lilies, probably inspired by the autumn weather outside my windows. But Anne is especially fond of tulips and butterflies, so we ended up with a illustration with those instead.

You can see both version below.

October 25th, 2010

Scary monsters and kid brothers.

Last week I thought I would give my watercolors a try, and was trying to figure out, what to draw. It was Saturday morning, the kids were playing in their room, when all of a sudden my daughter comes running screaming out of the room, her two brothers chasing after her. The boys were pretending to be monsters, and were eating all kinds of gross things. In reality they were eating fruit, but with a little help from their imagination those fruit pieces turned into slugs and other slimy creepy crawly things…..and from the sound of my daughter she didn’t seem to appreciate it.
And then I knew what I wanted to draw…

October 25th, 2010

Tweet Tweet Twitter Bird

Made a new Twitter icon for my blog – Say Hello to the little birdie, and do follow us.
Follow me on Twitter

October 24th, 2010

Updating the blog

I’m working on some small changes on the blog, first project was to fix the Subscribe feature, which for some reason, hasn’t been working properly for a while. It should be fixed now, and in celebration,  I made a small illustration to go with my new and much improved “Subscribe to my blog”  feature.

Feel free to hit that button.


October 23rd, 2010

A long week filled with kids and crafts

Week 42, the annual Autumn vacation in Denmark.
I had my 3 kids home all week, and we have been so busy, playing, crafting, making food, that I haven’t had time to draw at all. But it has been truly enjoyable to just relax and spend time with the kidlets.
My oldest son, Gabriel wanted to make chocolate chocolate chip cookies, and my daughter wanted to do “something with glue and paint” – so we ended up making cookies, and a Robot cookie jar from recycled cans and various found objects.


The kids wanted more glue, the boys wanted monsters, and Sidsel wanted to make Noah’s Ark. Gabriel wanted in on the Ark deal, so he decided to make two of every monster he made. After Sidsel had worked very hard for a very long time on making the Ark look like it was made out of wood, she added a more modern take at the top, because “It’s more fun when it’s fast” so she turned in into a speed-boat. I love the way my kids think. My youngest wasn’t allowed to use the scissors, so he climbed down under the table with a couple of his brothers creations, and sat there quietly cutting them up.


The morning was spend making robots out of used cans and found objects. After lunch we went outside for a couple of hours an enjoyed the lovely autumn weather. Back inside we made some apple lemon cinnamon muffins, and ate them while watching Nightmare before Christmas for the 3rd time this week.



Back to making cookies, this time we tried making gingerbread cookies from a recipe from my favorite food site 101 Cookbooks.


Today was dedicated to all things spooky. We started out by making a haunted house, from some old boxes. The boys painted it black, including everything around, above and below them, while Sidsel made spooky looking shutters. Then various monsters, ghosts, spiders, snakes and bats saw the light of day, and finally everything got glued together.  The kids decided to watch Nightmare before Christmas …again… after lunch.  After that, we baked bread, and while waiting for them to be eatable, the kids played with the haunted house.

A great holiday, very exhausting, but we all had a great time.


September 30th, 2010

a few more showcase

Been busy lately illustrating for bloggers. It always amazes me how sweet people are in “blog-land” -sometimes I almost forget that it’s my job.

One of my returning clients, is Celine of Strawberryflavor . It’s always a pleasure working for her. Her designs are so colorful and happy, that getting new ideas is a breeze. She just started designing kids clothes again, which I’m sure many of her old customers are very excited about. Anyway she needed a new header, and a folder/tag to go with her dresses when when they are sent to the store.
Another colorful illustration job this week, actually last week, were for Christina at Rappedikke. She also designs clothing, but her designs are mostly for adults, there is some pretty yummy skirts in her shop.

And the rest of my time, have been spent, dancing, running and cooking. Bought a hula hoop ring, and started to learn dancing with those things, so much fun. Especially after the brushes went away, when you start out hoop dancing, remember not to play for 1½h the first time, and if that fails, remember to have plenty of ice in the freezer, you’ll need it. But it’s a great workout, as long a you remember to take a break, and change direction of the hoop swirling.

Kitchen activities: it’s pumpkin season, so I made roasted pumpkin, pumpkin soup, pumpkin rolls, pumpkin/veggie pie, and I still have lots of pumpkin in my freezer, waiting for a good recipe for pumpkin ravioli. It’s also Apple season, so Apple sauce, Apple butter and a lot of other apple related eatable projects are on there way.

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